1 : We tracked the changes in Turkey in terms of values and cultural codes applying 1to1 interviews and ethnographic surveys. Beside the polarisation, we also identified the common values of different groups.

2 : We segmented Turkish women based on values, life styles and social roles.

3 : We identified the youth agenda and segments based on their life style and values.

4 : We shared Trend Molecules trend report with our clients which explains Turkish and global trends together with changing culture and innovation.

5 : We prepared a trend report for night life, and concepts regarding to night life.

6 : We applied Big Data for two sectors based on demands and needs of the customers. After the need base segmentation we prepared concepts and strategies for each segment.

7 : We conducted surveys for the sectors such as cell phone, food and drink, sport, construction and textile.

8 : We organised trend walks and talks.
Photograph: Nurhan Keeler Milan Design Fair 2008
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