75% of Trend Group’s research projects are of quantitative nature. Quantitative researches provide numeric data that enable us to derive general conclusions. In this research type, a big sample size (number of interviews), that is generally representative of the target and that has a minor margin of error, is employed. Quantitative researches are predesigned researches with predetermined phases and details and they yield statistically meaningful results:

Quantitative Research Methods that we employ:
  • Face-to-face at home and at work place
  • Interviews at a central location (shopping arcade, hall, school canteen, cafe, wedding hall etc.)
  • Interviews using multimedia such as computers
  • Via telephone
  • Via post
  • Online ve offline
  • Netnography
Quantitative Researches:
  • B2B; industrial, sector surveys
  • B2C; consumer surveys
  • Target group profiling, segmentation
  • Awareness, usage and purchase habits
  • Image
  • Advertising effectiveness
  • Promotion effectiveness
  • Concept tests
  • Product, brand name, design and packaging tests
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Student and graduate satisfaction
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